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Before Your Wedding

        Color/Cut: We recommand scheduling your last hair appointment 2 weeks before your wedding day. We also sugguest scheduling a blowout the day before your wedding so you are rehearsal ready! 

          Massages: We recommend coming in once every 4 weeks up until your wedding and sugguest scheduling a massage on the Tuesday or Wednesday before your wedding to ensure you are focused, relaxed, and free of tension. 

         Facials: If there are any problem areas you are concerned about, the sooner the better. Our Skin Therapists can help you look your best and feel confident the day of your wedding.

         Waxing: We offer full body waxing in our spa/ Waxing services should start 2-4 months before your honeymoon to ensure a good schedule is established. The last waxing service should be 5-7 days before your wedding so your skin can rejuvenate.

        Mani/Pedi: We offer Shellac polishes for lasting wear. We recommend coming in for your bridal services and establishing a 2-3 week appointment schedule up until the Thursday before your wedding. Many brides bring there bridesmaids and family members to ensure all are wedding ready!


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