Meet Our Team

All of our stylist are picked to fit the values and vision here at Salon EllaPar. Each individual masters their own unique style in order to bring you an experience and result unlike any other. Each member is a piece that makes up the beautiful puzzle that is Salon EllaPar.


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Jill Riendeau

Owner/ Master Stylist


Clarissa Dutton

Master Stylist/ Makeup Artist


Brenda Patterson

Master Stylist 

Shannon Aguilar

Master Stylist


Hallie Bruce

Master Stylist


Tina Holder

Master Stylist

Tawny Kennison

Apprentice/ Makeup Artist

Stacy Monticello

Master Stylist/ Nail Tech

Master Stylst/ Nail Tech

Sam Sullivan

Anna Fletcher

Master Stylist/ Makeup Artist/ 

Nail Tech

Melissa Ramirez

Nail Tech/ Makeup Artist/ 

Skin Therapist

Bree Barry

Massage Therapist

Aaliyah Ballard


 Julie Gladden

Boutique Manager/ Social Media

Kayla Clark

Salon & Spa Coordinator/

Website/ Assistant