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Most Common Makeup Mistakes

Makeup is amazing! Whether your looking for a natural look or full glam, there are a few rules that are ideal to follow to ensure you're looking your best. No fear, dears, here is a list of the most common mistakes.


Exfoilating your skin too little can leave dead, dry skin cells and when you apply

foundation on top of that, it'll be like putting foundation on top of dry sand. Exfoilating too much however can be irratating to your skin. I sugguest using a very gentle, mild exfoliant daily or a regular one a few times a week or as you see neccesary. The Essential Scrub from our [comfort zone] line is a good exfoliant to use once or twice a week.


Apply foundation that matches your neck. For most of us our face tends to be lighter that our body. Matching a foundation to your face can make your skin look heavy and create a mask like effect. Always color match the shade your neck is at the moment.


When applying your contour, place it where you need it (hallows of cheeks or temples) you always want to make sure to blend the powder up. When you drag your brush down that can

make your face look pulled down. Also make sure not to use a powder that has a warm tone to it. A warm contour can make you look too muddy. Instead choose a cooler tone that looks almost ashy. Those create the best chiseled contour. The best bronzer Ive found for contouring is the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. It works for all skin tones and casts the perfect shadow onto the skin.


The skin around your eyes is the most delicate skin on your face. Constantly tucking and pulling at it overtime can create wrinkles and in return make you look older. If you must touch your under eyes, it’s best to do so with your ring finger. Your ring finger is the weakest finger and will apply the least amount of pressure.


Applying too much eyeliner or smoking the lower lid too much can make your eyes look smaller and make you look tired. The key when doing eye makeup is to make your eyes look refreshed, open, and brighter.


When applying mascara the phrase less is more comes to mind. The more mascara you pile on, the clumpier it will get. When your mascara clumps it creates a shadow on to your eyes and can give you the appearance of fine lines.


Brows are in ladies!!! When choosing

the best brow color for you, the rule of thumb is if you are a blonde choose a brow color that is a

few shades darker than your hair and if you are a brunette choose a shade that is a few shades lighter than your hair. Here at the salon we love the Fab Brow Kits. They can be purchased in light brown, dark brown, and black. These powders are also waterproof and also come with brow stencils.


Lipliner can create some wonderful things for our lips. If you have thinner lips, overdrawing your lips can give the appearance of a fuller, pouter lip. But applying too much lipliner or one that is too dark for your skin tone can make your lips for closed in, flat, and deflated. A tip is to choose a lipliner that is only a couple shades darker than your lipstick and only focusing on the center of the lower lip and the cupid bow.

Let us know what you would like us to talk about next!

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