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Why buy products from your salon?

“It's okay..I got the same shampoo/conditioner from TJ Maxx.” “Walmart sells the same thing?!” These are phrases we hear all too often here at our salon. The truth behind products sold at a third party store (TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, etc) is that you may not be receiving exactly what you think you're purchasing.

Behind the scenes the "grey market" will buy salon products from a legitimate distributor and hold it in a warehouse for years until the barcode expires (along with the product itself) and therefore cannot be tracked. With this happening, a product has been blistering in the heat, tossed around, and is then a faint version of its former self.

When you are buying a salon product at the same place you maybe purchasing socks, who knows what you're bringing home and keeping in your shower. These products may smell and feel different and have an off-putting consistency. Most professional salon brands have a 3 year shelf life, after the results cannot be guaranteed.

Which leads me to talk about purchasing drugstore products. Now, we all have a few drugstore products sitting in our shower, we're all guilty. But when purchasing an over-the-counter drugstore shampoo/conditioner you may not realize what your putting on your hair. Drugstore shampoo/conditioners have a high pH balance which will make your hair assume the style that it is in. You know when you put your sunglasses on top of your head or pull your hair behind your ears and get that annoying mark in your hair? Thats the culprit! In the US the only requirement for shampoo is to clean hair, but what about all your other needs? These products can leave build up, cause an unbalanced scalp, and lead to breakage and damage.

When purchasing a product that your stylist has recommended to you outside of your salon, you may come to find its not fulfilling your needs for your specific hair type. Most problems with your hair can be solved with the right products. If you're using expired, bogus products, the problem will never be solved.

It’s not a secret that we ,as stylists, make commissiom from the product sales we recommend to you but that’s not the bottom line. Going to your homegirl every 6-8 weeks and spending any where from $80-$140 on what you call "me time", isnt something we take lightly. Because we love what we do and the master piece we've created (yes thats you :) ) we want to make sure you are taking care of that investment and treating it as such.

We work to make you beautiful!!!

Let us know what you want us to talk about next.

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